Friday, 27 May 2016

Federal APD Manufacturer

Federal ADP was the leading manufacturer of parking equipment in North America. It was established in 1953 in the United States and expanded into a global company with several offices in North America and across the world. It was independently operated but fully-owned subsidiary of a much larger organization - the Federal Signal Corporation.

Federal ADP developed a wide array of products for parking facilities – from barrier gates, entry and exit machines, to pay stations and parking management software.  They were pioneers within the parking industry known for patenting the idea of “self-parking” which revolutionized the parking and transportation industry.

Federal ADP was acquired by 3M in the fall of 2012 for its parking division. 3M is a multi-national conglomerate that develops and manufactures technologies and products spanning across different industries (electronics, industrial, healthcare, consumer, parking, etc.).

In joining forces with Federal ADP, it was 3M’s goal to become world leaders in parking, access and revenue control solutions, mainly in the electronic tolling industry. At that time, the electronic tolling industry was projected to grow at a staggering rate in order to meet the demands of maintaining the roads and transportation infrastructure across the United States. The goal was to combine Federal ADP’s innovations in electronic tolling and parking management solutions (i.e. electronic tolling, vehicle identification, license plate recognition, and toll management software) with 3M’s traffic management products to create efficient and effective solutions for the global parking and transportation industry.

Unfortunately, less than 2 years later, 3M announced that it was “transitioning out” of its global parking manufacturing division. The parking operation was reported to be losing money for 3M and Federal ADP did not meet 3M’s overall business expectations.  In November 2014, 3M officially closed its parking manufacturing operation. Products were being shipped through Q1 2015 and existing contracts and warranties were planned to be honored and supported for an additional 2 years.

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